A few of my favorite past projects that keep influencing my current work.


Protective armor made of thousands of recut and recycled promotional rubber bands bought at the dollar store by the pound. These costumes were worn in NYC during street performances.



Blanchard’s project “Noisy Clothes” was a collaboration with opera singer and musicologist, Nina Eidsheim.  The costumes themselves were designed containing different sound-makers.  With “playing an instrument” redefined as “moving in what you are wearing” the Cal Arts performers were encouraged to listen without judgment to the sounds that arose, rather than trying to match a pre-conceived tone.  Most importantly Eidsheim wrote that, “there was no fear of failure.”  Music making was returned to a practice of play and discovery. The relationship between the players and their physical movements and experience was the most important.




“A gathered parachute dress is pulled inside out to become an instant sleeping bag, encapsuling the body, making it warm and protected. A voluminous skirt is pulled down, making a spacious bag in which you can store all your belongings. The clothes can have many different uses, it is up to the wearer to decide how they are used. They question the nature of fashion and functionality.”

Caroline Roberts (view on colors)

Festival de Hyéres; Fashion show/ exhibition, May 1999 

Round-about-Hyères; The Bonnefanten museum/ Maastricht, Oct. 1999/ Feb.2000

Collection “La Redoute”, summer 2000