"How do I want to feel when I'm in an office?" was the question Elodie asked herself when HBF Textiles commissioned her to do a collection of multi-purpose fabrics. Not surprisingly, most people want to feel as far from an office as possible -perhaps on a cloud, or atop a mountain, or on the wings of a butterfly. Evoking those experiences is a stretch, but Elodie works closely with textile mills to capture the colors, patterns and textures that may conjure pleasanter environs."

By Claire Barliant  Metropolis , 2016


Cloud - developed to bring coziness and a feeling of protection to the office. Made of a matte lasse construction with a cross dyed stuffer pic, Cloud is a bit surrealist, transporting us to a softer, gentler environment. Approved for wrapped panel application as well as a dynamic tufted upholstery. Available in 7 colorways.

Gravel - An interpretation of an organic pointillist pattern of a pebbled seashore, Gravel is approved for both vertical and seating applications. Available in 5 colorways.

Peak - A pixilated modern interpretation of landscape wallpaper found on a typical computer screen saver. This heavy duty performance fabric is suitable for wrapped panel/systems panel and upholstery. Available in 7 colorways.

Cut Out - Inspired by the paintings of Franz Kline and Barnett Newman, Elodie created the pattern by painting a black and white abstract expressionist composition and then cut the painting into rectangles and shuffled the pieces until she found a good balance between positive and negative space. Woven with Sunbrella outdoor yards and bleach cleanable. Available in 5 colorways.

Beetle - A visually luminous fabric with a subtle metallic sheen reminiscent of jewel toned beetle carapace. A bleach cleanable fabric with 80,000 double rubs abrasion resistance, Beetle is approved for wrapped panel/system panel and upholstery applications. Available in 11 colorways.