raw materials 2017

Raw, Simple + Spontaneous

Raw Materials is the latest upholstery collection by Elodie for HBF Textiles. Launched at Neocon 2017, this collection received Metropolis Likes, HIP and Best of Neocon Contract Silver awards. Raw Materials includes timeless textures & hand drawn organic patterns. 



Elodie's Inspiration for this collection.


"I want to express the energy of the process, show the hand of the maker and emphasize the beauty and simplicity of the yarn"

                                                            -Elodie Blanchard '17


Italian Wool - is that uber soft material available in a large range of colorations.  A truly matte smooth wool classic that is a more elegant alternative to felt.  With a slight stretch, Italian Wool will upholster beautifully on all styles of furniture. Available in 14 colorways.  


Double Stitch - A gigantic wool yarns form the structure for this warm, modern, Scandinavian looking texture.  This effect is the outcome of using two pairs of differently colored yarns for the warp and weft for a basket weave with dimension. Available in 10 color ways.

Scribble XS - As a fiber artist, Elodie sews arbitrarily on canvas to create stitched organic patterns. With Scribble XS, she created many different sewing trials giving herself different rules like in drawing class: one continuous line, only right angles, no line should touch another. Available in 11 colorways.  

Sideways - The classic twill rendered in the similar bulky yarns as Double Stitch for a heftier diagonal pattern.  Sideways has a dryer hand and smoother finish with a true modern aesthetic. Available in 8 colorways.

Scribble XL -  was painted by Elodie with large gestural brush strokes on a white canvas.  She chose to keep the scale large to capture the energetic abstract nature of the original painting in the fabric translation. Available in 4 colorways.      

Outdoor Check -  is approved for indoor/outdoor applications with its micro bumpy texture. The slight color variations give it depth and detail while its bleach cleanable attributes give it tremendous performance. Available in 9 colorways.